Aaron Glenn

Senior Web Engineer

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Passionate, full stack web engineer with a solid design aethestic who seeks to be challenged by exploring new technologies to create great work that people use and genuinely enjoy.



  1. Ruby
  2. Rails
  3. Rspec
  4. Javascript
  5. Coffeescript
  6. Jasmine
  7. CSS
  8. Sass
  9. Compass
  10. HTML
  11. Haml
  12. Audio/Video
  13. Jquery
  14. Backbone
  15. React
  16. MySql
  17. Memcached
  18. Redis
  19. CVS
  20. SVN
  21. Git


Tout Industries

Principal Engineer 2011-Present

Architect, develop and scale a high traffic/availability social video api/platform and web/mobile experience

Summary of accomplishments:

  • Architected scalable services based platform & oauth api
  • Ruby On Rails (3-4) application development
  • Rich clientside web application using Backbone/React/Haml/Sass/Coffeescript
  • Advanced HTML5 video players for internal & external use
  • Ensured code quality with TDD and code analysis/standards
  • Optimized and tuned caching strategy using Memcached, Redis & Varnish
  • Interfaced with partners & clients to develop a self-serve dashboard and analytics reporting tool
  • Mobile & responsive development for a wide range of devices
  • Led team of 6-8 developers
Nonfiction Studios

Lead Developer 2007-2011

Architect, design and develop websites/web applications for various clients using web standards, PHP and Rails technologies.

Summary of accomplishments:

  • Ruby On Rails (2.x – 3) application development and deployment to a variety of OSes
  • Maintained, enhanced and debugged custom MVC framework in PHP
  • Engaged with new clients and provided support for existing clients
  • Utilized Subversion Version Control and Git Version Control
  • Optimized and troubleshot sites receiving over 500,000 hits daily
  • Administered and deployed to multiple UNIX enviroments
  • MySQL Database design, and optimization
  • Led small team of developers and designers
  • Mac OSX environment
Critical Mass

Lead Developer 2003-2007

Develop interactive sites and applications for clients such as Rolex, Home Depot, Hyatt Hotels, Dell, DeVry, IKEA Canada, SBC.

Summary of accomplishments:

  • Development of client websites and dynamic web applications
  • JSP, Struts/Tiles, PHP, Prototype
  • Managed team of web developers and interfaced with designers
  • Screening and Interviewing potential hires
  • Conducted performance reviews
  • AJAX / Remote Scripting (Unobtrusive JS)
  • Cross-Device Awareness
  • Database design/integration (Oracle)
Beautiful Code

Principal 2001-Present

Freelance development & design of various client sites and open source projects

Summary of accomplishments:

  • Development of client websites and dynamic web applications
  • Used Flash, PubSub, HTML5, CSS, Node
  • Setup and maintained Ubuntu cloud servers
  • Explored new technologies including Ecommerce on Rails and Web Audio
  • Mobile Design & Development


Aaron Glenn — aaron@aaronglenn.ca — (415) 830-2411